Sunday saw a very successful joint meet of our two clubs. Sixteen Fours, Pairs and Singles moved off from Maresfield, the home of Ed Brown and Susan Garber. They enjoyed a beautiful drive through the Laurels Preserve in the heart of the Cheshire Hunt Country. We were met at our rest stop by the wonderful hospitality of Scott Richard and Mamie Duff at their farm Starry Night and to the appreciation of many neighbors.

The Meet was made possible through the generosity of the individuals listed below. We are very grateful for their support.

Thank You!
John Gregory and Jamie O'Rourke Organizers

Frances Baker
Janet Colella
Drew Fieo
John Gregory
John Hunt
Jonathan Martin
Jamie O’Rourke
MJ Potter
Don Rosato
Harry Tucci



The Club requires its membership to adhere to a common set of rules pertaining to safety, care of animals, and gentlemanly conduct.