Contact the Club

Contact the Four-in-the-Hand Club for more information about membership, upcoming events and to ask any questions you may have.

Phone: 484-832-4365
PO Box 587
Unionville Pa19375
Chairman: Mrs. Claire Reid
President: Mr. John White
Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. Jamie O'Rourke

Mrs. Frances Baker
Mr John Frazier Hunt
Mr. Mark Duffell
Mrs. George L Ohrstrom Jr.
Mr. Jack Wetzel
Major General Paul Van Sickle

Honorary Members: Mr. Hector Alcalde, Dr. Gary Montsdeoca 

The Executive Committee acts as the planning committee and the nominating committee for the selection of new officers and the Executive Committee members. The Executive Committee has responsibility for enforcing Club bylaws, rules, and regulations.

Terms of office for members of the Executive Committee shall be two years, and members may succeed themselves.

The Club requires its membership to adhere to a common set of rules pertaining to safety, care of animals, and gentlemanly conduct.